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  • Tbilisi – Mtsketa
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Bodbe - Sighnaghi
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Ujarma – Telavi - Tsinandali
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Prometheus cave, Gelati, Bagrati Cathedral
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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

• Tbilisi - Mtsketa
• Gori - Uplistsikhe
• Bodbe - Sighnaghi


On the event Georgia’s own annual tourism award Ceremony, Discover Georgia Training Center was nominated as ‘’The Best Tourism Education and Training’’. 

Discover Georgia in your Village
Saturday, October 15, 2016

On 19th  march, 2016 Travel Company Discover Georgia and N(N)LP Tourism Geo Information Center ‘’Travel GIS’’ together started one year joint project ‘’Discover Georgia in your village’’. The project is supported by National Tourism Administration of Georgia. The main aim of the project is to discover unknown high tourism potential places and human recourses (self-employed people in tourism sector).